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      "Oh ... anywhere."

      "Your mules got more sand 'n you. They're standing where you left 'em."

      "Have you any photographs of yourself as a child?" she asked eagerly. "How I should love them!""Excellent idee," said the father.

      The watchman, like everybody else on board the yacht, had gathered from watching his master that Pen was a person to be propitiated. "I'll tell him," he said, and disappeared within the deckhouse.CHAPTER II. ROSENBAUM, THE SPY

      "Did he look in?""I must see you. I'll put on an old dress and a sun-bonnet and walk on the beach near the lighthouse at eleven. If you don't get this to-night I'll come to-morrow night."

      Pen scampered across the porch, and into the house, closing and locking the door behind her. All her being hung on the agonizing question: was he there? She ran back through the hall into the kitchen. In the dark depths of the house her hands served her for eyes. She knew it so well. Her hand went unerringly to the knob of the door that gave on the cellar stairs. She ran down. At the foot of the stairs an agony of apprehension constricted her throat. She could not speak aloud.



      Says it shall wave a thousand years."


      "If we only had a deed for a quarter section o' land around our house we'd be purty well started in life for young men," ventured Si."Very likely," said Pen calmly.